What To Do While in Quarantine

Lucas Cohen, Staff Writer

Now that the coronavirus has struck California, going outside to interact with others has become a much more dangerous activity. For this reason, social gatherings have been cancelled and school has switched to online learning. Being stuck inside can be dull, but there are still many fun activities to engage in from within one’s own home. Here is a list of things to do as you wait for the day when you can return to the outside world.

  1. Relax and read a book – There’s nothing more relaxing than lying down with a good book and letting the time fly by as you read. It’s even better with a snack to eat or when the rain falls outside, or even both at the same time.
  2. Play video games – Video games are a perfect way to spend some free time cooped up inside. You can play online games to have fun with friends without risking sickness, or lose yourself in an adventure and kill some time in another world.
  3. Play a board game – For some indoor family bonding time, board games are a great choice. Gather everybody around a table and spend an hour or two arguing and laughing as you compete to come out on top.
  4. Build something – Whether it’s legos or a jigsaw puzzle, working to create something can be a challenging but satisfying way to pass the time. You can work on it alone or with a family member, and decide how tough you want it for yourself. Completing a difficult puzzle or creation is an immensely satisfying experience.
  5. Watch a movie – If there’s a movie that you have wanted to watch but never had the time, this quarantine is the perfect time for a viewing. Clear out a couple hours of time for yourself and watch whatever you want, from a lighthearted comedy to an epic adventure.