Does Achieving Success Always Guarantee Happiness?

Isabella Fleitas, Copy Editor

Being successful is a standard most people want to achieve. But does success guarantee your happiness? Many of us share a common belief that success brings happiness, however success can actually breed unhappiness. I believe success does not guarantee happiness because of several  repercussions that follow.

Success is many things. To some people it means possessing a large amount of money, to others it means getting their dream job or becoming famous. Achieving success is different for everyone. At one point in our lives we all end up chasing success with the idea that achieving success will lead us to happiness. That’s what we are told, but that’s not the real truth.

Several people unknowingly set an idealistic career goal and commit to it thinking once they reach the top they will gain happiness and be fulfilled with satisfaction. By the time they reach the top and gain success, they’re shocked to realize that absolutely nothing has changed. They’re the same person, with the same life. Essentially even if you do reach success, the question of “What next?” will always follow you because the only motivating factor behind your entire journey was to do whatever it took to obtain your goal: success. 

Furthermore once success is achieved, what will keep you inspired so that your journey on the path of success is continued unabated? In common cases, what gives you the false notion of your success is accumulating material objects that keep you satisfied. However, that satisfaction soon fades away and you are finally able to reveal the truth about the loneliness of success. All in all, success can bring many things but never guarantees your happiness.