Megan Sheehe: at the “Center” of Hart’s Soccer Team

Stefani Woll, Editor in Chief

As the record shows, the girls varsity soccer team at Hart has quite the reputation in terms of their statistics. It has been 69 league games since the team has lost, which puts them at six full undefeated years and going on to their seventh. Looking at the numbers, some players seem to stand out. For example, Alyssa Irwin has over 25 goals this season, which is a very high amount for a single season, and much credit is owed for that.

However, there are many other girls on the team who have been a crucial part of the team’s success that often go without enough recognition. One of these humble stars is Megan Sheehe. Sheehe is a senior on the varsity team and has been a starter since her sophomore year. As a defensive center midfielder, she plays a key role in connecting Hart’s very reliable defense to their top scoring offense. 

With three assists and a goal, she does not lead the team in points, but she is essential to the team’s success. As a center midfielder, Sheehe is responsible for being included in every part of the game. You can find her from goal line to goal line covering all parts of the field. The left footed player shows dominance, especially when it comes to winning air balls. Although her 5’8 height might put her at a slight advantage when trying to win headers, her impeccable timing and touch are really what allow her to stand out. 

Her skill on the ball proves highly beneficial to the Indians as she seems to bring most air balls directly settled on her foot and doesn’t panic when having to dribble through a crowded middle in order to find space to play her teammates. 

“Megan plays an instrumental role on the team. From beating the other team to every long ball or punt, to starting our attack with strategic passes, Megan is a critical player,” said starting center back and captain Jessica Deegan. 

Aside from the appreciation from the defensive players on the field, Sheehe receives praise as she is credited for her work on offense as well.

“You can always count on her to play amazingly and I would say she is the backbone of our team. Her amazing skills, touches and aggressiveness both starts our offense and protects our defense and without her, we wouldn’t be able to function properly,” said Irwin, Hart’s starting forward. 

Sheehe will continue to lead the middle throughout the rest of season and into CIF playoffs later on. Her humility and ability to make those around her look good as well quietly highlights how Hart’s girls’ soccer team greatly benefits with her help.