Club Updates: Space Club, Minecraft Club, Inklings Literature Magazine

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Space Club: Kathryn Supple, Arts & Reviews Editor

Space club is a new club at Hart where students can learn more about space and jobs related to space. This club meets on Tuesdays in J-1, Mr. Gravel’s room. The club has two co-presidents, Carson Snow and Jenn Hadawi.

“I created space club because I felt like there wasn’t enough math and science related clubs at school that captured the interest of students,” said Snow, co-president of Space Club.

The goal of Space Club is to learn about space, fields of work revolving around space and to peak interest in individuals intrigued by physics, space and math. This club will be able to expand member’s knowledge about space and jobs regarding to space. Throughout the year, members will be introduced to different fields of science regarding to space, science and mathematics.
During meetings, members will discuss space and topics club members want to learn more about. This club is open to any individual interested in space and learning more about it.

Minecraft Club: Maddie Westbrook, Staff Writer

High. Minecraft players all around the school are coming together to make friends and talk about the computer game. The club president, Bella Smith, is a freshman at Hart and created the club to bring people together and to share love for the game.

“Minecraft club is a very inclusive and friendly club where we strive to bring students together through fun building and pvp gameplay challenges,” said Smith.

Minecraft club has been a huge hit across the Hart campus, with over 40 members attending each meeting. “I started this club as a joke at first, but then it became a real thing,” Smith said.
In a typical minecraft club meeting, the members watch minecraft song parodies, talk about future building competitions, discuss which blocks they like the most and they also vote on weekly building competitions.

Minecraft club meets Thursdays at lunch in room F-42.
All are welcome!

Inklings Literature Magazine: Ian Duncan, Staff Writer

Inklings Literary Magazine once again is looking for submissions. This would really help the magazine out. Their goal of providing an insight into Hart multiculturalism will finally be realized when they print their 50 plus page magazine at the end of the school year. This magazine will be very beneficial to the students of Hart High. It may show the students things about Hart that they never knew about.

Inklings is also hosting a fundraiser at the Habit. Details and official dates have not been set, but they have been discussing a fundraiser which will be happening sometime in April.
In the meantime, they are looking for entries. Any type of writing is appreciated to help the club grow, like maybe tell a friend that is a talented writer.

The Co-president of Inklings Literary Magazine, Lizzy Snow, was invited to Future Freshman Orientation to give a speech about Inklings Literary Magazine to the future freshmen. Snow discussed the lack of members in the Literary Magazine and that the club needs more people who are interested to help out.

If anyone is interested in a leadership position in Inklings Literary Magazine or is interested in submitting written works, please email: [email protected].
All are welcome to join club meetings and welcome to submit work to be put into the Literary Magazine.