Life in bubbles

Stefani Woll, Editor in Chief

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I will be the first to admit that I live in my own designated bubble. But so do you. So does my brother. So does everyone. And before you even begin to wonder, no, I am not talking about the bubble that parents put their kids in to protect them from danger. This is a bubble we make for ourselves.

Recently, I told one of my friends that I was unwilling to meet a certain person because we lived in two separate bubbles and I didn’t want to pop into his. My reasoning was because the two of us  lived in “two different crowds”. So maybe that’s what I am trying to get at.

I’ll admit, I’m the type of person who likes to look around and notice all the different groups. There are the nerds, the athletes, the populars, the artsy people, the outcasts and the inbetweens. I guess it’s my own fault that I put people into groups with labels above their heads, but I can’t help it. It’s my way of explaining the world. Things make more sense to me if I can put them into groups.

I live in my own little bubble. This doesn’t mean that I don’t let anyone else in, because I do. I am the gatekeeper that permits who is allowed into my bubble, and force them to leave it before they even know they are out. I am so afraid that if I let too many people into my bubble then it will be popped, and I won’t be able to shield myself from everyone else anymore. I don’t like asking to enter other people’s lives. Honestly, I’d rather have them ask me, which is very cowardly and antisocial, I’m aware. But it’s so much easier that way.

I think everyone lives in their own bubbles. They let in who they want, and most are afraid of change. Some people have bigger bubbles that they let more people into, while others have small ones reserved for a distinct few. Someday I want to be able to pop my own bubble to let everyone else in. To be social and unafraid of change.

But for now I will just force myself to slowly expand my bubble, letting more and more people in as I go, accepting that these bubbles are what divide the world. Now that I’m done sharing my thoughts to the world, it’s back to my bubble I go.