Landslide harms homes

Shayna Tilles, Centerspread Editor

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Recently, the heavy rains that the Santa Clarita Valley have experienced in the beginning months of the year have caused a landslide in Canyon Country. Due to this, many houses have been “yellow tagged,” or only allowed to be entered during the daytime. They are being used as a precautionary measure while a geologist gathers more information about the crack that led to the landslide.

The city is also using channels, pumps, and hoses in order to lessen the amount of water buildup. This is because the more water that builds up, the more unstable the ground becomes. Although the initial grade of the hill was approved by the city in 2005, it is said that the residents around the hill are responsible for the maintenance of the hill. According to one resident, it all started with a crack in the ground and the size kept increasing, which turned into a giant slide. It took about four days for the huge crack to grow. Only one house has minor damage to the backyard of the home.
Since it’s been a wet year, the ground has shifted, which will be continue to be monitored. Nobody has reported any injuries due to the landslides.

Geologists are also currently surveying the hillside where the landslide occurred to determine if the residents can return home full-time. The goal of the survey is to determine what caused the slope failure and find a long-term solution.