NBA teams prepare for the playoff season

Kayla Badie, Staff Writer

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This offseason has been one of great trades and contracts for the MLB and NFL. The most notable resign of the sports offseason is that of the Los Angeles Angels. The Angel’s center fielder, Mike Trout recently signed the largest contract in the history of sports. This contract was for 12 years and $430 million. This means that he will roughly make about $222,222 per regular season game, $66,978 per at bat, $24,691 per inning, and $1,645 per pitch for the upcoming 12 seasons. This deal also makes sure that the greatest player of this generation will play the entirety of his career under one uniform.
This offseason has also produced othermore notable MLB trades. On the homefront, Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood were traded to the Cincinnati Reds. In addition, Manny Machado’s free agency led him to the San Diego Padres for a ten year contract and $300 million. Bryce Harper’s anticipated decision led him to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he signed the second largest contract in MLB history at 13 years and, $330 million. Harper was part of the same draft class as Trout. Another big name was Paul Goldschmidt, who went to the St. Louis Cardinals for five years and $110 million.
The NFL offseason also provided many notable trades and free agencies. Some of these include the trade of Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, Odell Beckham to the Cleveland Browns, as well as Clay Matthews, Dante Fowler, and Eric Weddle to Los Angeles Rams. In addition, the Browns acquiredaquired previous star running back Kareem Hunt, and will have him for usage after his eight game suspension. A few years ago, the Browns won zero games. Zero. After this offseason, they have the twelth best odds to win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. Another offseason update would be that Rob Gronkowski has recently announced his retirement from football at the age of 29.29.