Society should value gaining knowledge not GPA

Nicole Felici, Copy Editor

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Students typically function in one of two ways when it comes to taking classes. Most students will jam information into their minds, dump it all onto the paper on the day of the test and forget it soon after. Other students will study with the intention to learn and to keep knowledge with them for the long run. The latter technique will bring a greater benefit to students in the future, yet so many of us only work for the temporary reward of a good grade. Why is this? Students tend to study with an aim to do well on a test and move on after because our society values obtaining high grades from our schooling, not going to school and retaining the information learned.

First, let’s explore the first tactic. By attending school with solely the motivation to “get good grades,” our focus narrows to the topic we need to know in the moment. We fall into a  cycle of learn, study, take test, forget. If we do this, it becomes clear that we are not reaping any knowledge from school, we are simply aiming for the high GPA because that is what society rewards. A student with a high GPA who is retaining small amounts of information is praised more than a student with a low GPA who plans to remember what they are taught.

When students attend school with the mindset to get high grades and to absorb the information we are being taught, we will be more successful our future careers and will become more knowledgeable as a whole.