Freshman on Varsity

Bella Sandoval, Sports Editor

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Ian Duncan is a freshman on the boys’ Varsity volleyball team this year. Duncan the starting outside, has been playing volleyball for 2 years now.
“My favorite thing about being on varsity so far is the level of competitiveness. I would rather have to compete for a spot and compete for playing time than have it just given to me,” said Duncan.
Duncan is inspired by his older sister Ruby Duncan who is a junior on the girls’ volleyball team. She was also a freshman on Varsity.
“I would see my sister Ruby practice and play in games and noticed that the sport looked really cool and, one day my parents signed me up and I just loved it,” Duncan said.
Jack Burns is a freshman on the boys’ Varsity tennis team. Burns has set many goals for this his biggest one making varsity tennis, one he has already accomplished..
“It has been a goal of mine to make it on varsity tennis and I am proud that I was able to make it to varsity. I was really happy and relieved,” said Jack Burns.
Burns also enjoys the challenge of playing on varsity and having the opportunity to grow because he plays alongside older players.
“I get to play against higher leveled and more experienced players everyday, but being able to represent Hart as a freshman and the season has been rewarding and reminded me why I loved the game,” said Burns.
Burns plays both singles and doubles so he comes to every match prepared for anything and is willing to do whatever to help the team. He is proud and excited to play for Hart Tennis this season.
“I am looking forward to contributing to Hart and hopefully helping us become better competitors in our league,” Burns said.
Matthew Chan is the only freshman boy on Varsity swim this season.
“Well, even though I feel very accomplished to be one of the only freshmen on the varsity team, I sometimes feel a little more pressured to perform,” said Chan.
Chan was quite excited to be moved up to varsity considering he was the only freshman and it does not happen often. As well as the accomplishments Chan has made as swimmer he has also grown to love his team so far and being able to compete with them at meets.
“The best thing for me on varsity is being on a team of kids who are united and enjoy swimming. It has also been a lot of fun to swim in the meets and hang out with my friends,” Chan said.
Chan feels that he has gotten to be part of stellar team with amazing coaches, teammates and wonderful opportunities, and he is excited to grow as a swimmer and a person, and he is even more excited to be apart of an amazing program this season.
“The best part of varsity is mostly being apart of a team and being able to swim on one of the best high schools in the valley,” said Chan.
Kameryn Smudde is a freshman on the Varsity softball team. Smudde joined her sister, Kathryn Smudde, who is a junior on Varsity this season. Smudde plays catcher and outfielder for Hart this year.
“My favorite thing about being on varsity is the team bonding and chemistry. I love all the girls on my team and they make our everyday practices and our many games so much more fun,” said Smudde.
Although she is younger than most of teammates and competitors, Smude enjoys the challenge and the drive of playing with higher level players.
“Being a freshman on varsity and playing with older girls is a new experience, I learn a lot from the older girls and get better,” Smudde said.
Allison Howell is another freshman on Varsity softball. Howell is a pitcher this season and has had a supportive team to help her through these new experiences.
“The best thing about being on varsity is having a great team to back me up while i’m pitching. I can put all my faith in the team behind me to make plays simple and hard,” said Howell.
Even though Howell has struggled with her lack of experience she has loved being able to get to know and bound with her teammates and feels lucky to on a team with such talent athletes.
“My reaction to being on varsity was that I was very happy and excited. I’m very grateful for it because we have a great team full of amazing and talented girls,” Howell said.
Collette Masino is one of the many talented freshmen that is on Varsity swim this season. Masino has been swimming for 7 years and has found Hart girls’ Varsity swim to be the perfect place for her.
“Being a freshman on Varsity is so much fun. But when I am with the team I don’t feel like freshmen. We are all one big team. Some of the girls on the team I have known for years and now I get to swim alongside them every week,” said Masino.
Masino’s biggest goal of the season is to grow in confidence. Although sometimes she does struggle with the fact that she is 2 or 3 years younger than several of her competitors she constantly proves herself by dominating in the pool.
Another Freshmn on Varsity swim is Emily Yoon. Yoon enjoys being on varsity because of the excitement of the swim meet and the support she receives from her fellow teammates.
“The best thing about being on varsity is the energy that goes around us girls. There’s always this high energy. The supportiveness around the team definitely has something to do with it,” said Yoon. Along with swimming with Hart, Yoon is apart of Canyons,a SCV club team. Although it is challenging for to be able to balance club swim, school work and high school swimming. Yoon has preserved and excited to continue the season.