Republicanism has many flaws

Mansi Sharma, Editor in Chief

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Republicanism has many flaws and hypocrisies within it. I’m completely fine with someone believing in something and voicing their opinion on it, but being a supporter of something that contradicts itself makes me question a Republican’s integrity.

For instance, many Republican people believe they are “pro-life” on the Roe v. Wade case. They feel no women should be allowed to have abortions. Yet, they are allowing children to be assaulted, hurt and torn away from their families at the Mexican-American border. You either care about children in all capacities, or you don’t. Choose one.

The Republican party also believes everyone should have the right to bear arms and that there should be little gun control. However, they don’t seem to realize that America has a high number of school shootings. Why is the right to bear arms put before the safety of our children? If you are supposedly “pro-life,” then shouldn’t a child’s security come before you wanting a gun to go hunt innocent animals?

It’s now a stigma that Republicans are more patriotic than Democrats. However, that is incorrect, because both parties love their country, they just have different ways they want it to be. Our current president is obviously Republican and his slogan “Make America Great Again!” has brainwashed people into thinking that those who oppose him do not want our nation to be great. The opposite is true. Liberal, democratic people only want the best for our country as most citizens do. The way they feel that this can be achieved is by following ideals that are completely different than those of Republicans.

Although some Republican Trump supporters feel they are the MOST patriotic people because they support our president, they fail to understand that the person they are supporting has twisted morals and is not allowing America to be the best country it can be.  By creating hate and division within our country, President Trump is destroying America. He has been exposed by Michael Cohen, his ex-lawyer, to be a racist.

“While we were once driving through a struggling neighborhood in Chicago, he commented that only black people could live that way…he told me that black people would never vote for him because they were too stupid,” said Cohen.

Before you decide to affiliate yourself with the Republican party and President Trump, please think about how the principles you will follow that are harmful to America. After all, we all could unite to make our country great once more, but following the hypocrisies embedded in Republicanism will not allow us to do so.