Why John Mayer is the best musician and heartthrob

Maddie Westbrook, Staff Writer

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It is my personal opinion that John Mayer is the best male musician, song writer, guitarist, heartthrob and all around celebrity in the world. I’ve been in love with John Mayer since fifth grade. I first heard Mayer’s  song “Gravity” when my dad was playing the album. At the first soundwave of that beautiful glorious voice, he had overtaken my heart.

John Mayer has written multiple beautiful songs. To me, his best songs are “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” “Daughters,” “Heartbreak Warfare,” “Stop this Train,” “Queen of California” and “Shadow Days”. These songs and lyrics have changed and shaped my life into the person I am today.

“Shadow Days” has had a big impact on my life and my outlook of life. In his song “Shadow Days,” one of the most famous lyrics from the song is, “I’m a good man with a good heart, had a tough time, got a rough start, but I’ve finally learned to let it go. Cause I’m right here, and I’m right now, And I’m hoping, knowing somehow, that my shadow days are over, My shadow days are over now.”

These lyrics  have always stood out to me after experiencing tribulations in my life. John Mayer’s intelligent words have helped me come to the realization that I need to live in the present and not let my past  define me. He has touched so many people’s lives through his music and songwriting. Mayer may be an incredible writer, but his voice is out of this world. It holds a certain uniqueness and has an insane range. Adding to that, his guitar skills are the best I’ve ever heard.

I saw him perform two  years ago at The Forum and it was an experience that was truly life changing. All in all, in my opinion John Mayer is the best singer, songwriter, and guitarist in the world.