Lunch Should Be an Open Campus for all High School Grade

Leah Badie, Staff Writer

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All of lunch, freshman and sophmores wait around for the bell to ring to go to sixth period. We stand there with our friends waiting for the bell to ring because it feels like we have been standing for hours. Juniors and seniors? The complete opposite. They leave campus with friends to go and get lunch, or simply just hang out somewhere else until coming back to class. While not realizing the time, and having to be in a  rush to get back before the bell. Now, the juniors and seniors that are able to leave school at lunch did have to wait two years, so it is only fair that the freshman and sophmores have to wait too, but we might as well start a new year where everyone can leave campus.

I understand that most freshman and sophmores can’t drive so people might think it’s pointless for them to be able to leave campus.ut I think if they are able to get a ride somewhere, they should be able to leave. There are multiple nearby stores and restaurant that lower classmen can always walk to during the 40 minute break.

Yes, the current upperclassmen once had to wait two years to be able to leave as well, but it’s just the freedom of being able to leave somewhere that they have been at for seven hours that should accessible to the whole human body. Also, many students don’t have the time in the morning or don’t have parents to pack their lunches, so an open campus lunch is a great way for lower classmen to be able to get some lunch.

Lunch should be an open campus for all grade levels in high school.