Boys Golf

Ben Haslam, Staff Writer

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The boys’ Varsity golf team started out this season with some difficulties, but has risen to the challenge and have tried their hardest to achieve their highest potential.
Their challenges began before the start of the season, with five of their senior players leaving, forcing the team to bring up five new JV players. Since the season began, they have had to play on challenging courses in unfamiliar places, forcing them to adapt to the new environment.
Their best players this season have been seniors Cameron Gadd, Joe Lotta and Cody Strange.
They are currently in third place in Foothill league, and the team, looking forward, hope to continue to adapt and improve to be the best they can be.
“Everyone is starting to find their form in time for league matches.We’ve all been putting in a lot of hard work at the course trying to get better in all aspects of the game,” said Strange.