Track & Field

Kayla Badie, Staff Writer

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Our very own Hart track team has begun their league journey. The team has taken part in four invitational meets and two official league dual meets so far.
The track team’s first dual meet was against Golden Valley and their second meet was against West Ranch.
March 26 the team raced against Valencia, one of their most challenging competitors.
“There’s a lot of improvements that need to be recognized within team events and individual events,” said junior runner Chris Keuchguerian.
The new freshmen group that has joined the varsity team has been a large asset to the program, as their speed and agility have contributed to the team’s overall success.
“There’s a great freshman group who all take the sport really seriously and honestly set the example for the older kids instead of vice versa,” Keuchguerian said.
League will continue for Hart past spring break.