Artist of the Issue: Annika Stevenson

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Artist of the Issue: Annika Stevenson

Shayna Tilles, Centerspread Editor

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Hart High School senior Annika Stevenson is well known for her talent as a singer and performer. She started singing at the age of five than further enhanced her vocals with singing lessons, variety shows and recitals. In middle school, she became involved with Rockin’ A Capella, a singing a capella group, which gave her more experience and more opportunities to grow as a singer.
Stevenson didn’t truly start performing until she started high school and entered the award winning Hart show choir program. She had friends in middle school who were a part of the program, so she decided to give it a try. Freshman year, she performed in the intermediate co-ed group Hart N’ Soul.
Although she loves performing, Stevenson doesn’t see herself becoming a professional performer or pursuing singing as a career.
“I am actually going on to get a med degree. I want to be an immunologist, to work with autoimmune disorders,” said Stevenson.
While she is determined to achieve her goal of earning a medical degree, she would still love to perform as a hobby.
“I hope to continue performing. I love singing and I love performing. I would hate to end that at the end of high school,” Stevenson said.
Over the past four years, Annika has seen significantly improved as a performer within the show choir program. She loves looking back at old videos from her freshman year compared to her senior year and seeing how much she has grown. It also increased her confidence level, for now she can go onstage and be completely herself.
As she soon progresses into her college career and eventual medical career, if she was ever given the chance to perform, she would do it. She would still want to continue with musical theatre in college, specifically Utah State University. Since the entertainment industry is very unpredictable, Annika wants to put herself in a position where she will become successful and not have any doubts.
“I love performing so much and I think that I’m going down a medical path because I don’t see myself having an opportunity like that. I definitely think that if I did have an opportunity to perform professionally I would,” Stevenson said.
As for show choir, Stevenson believes it is the most fun she has ever had.
“I love the family it has created. I feel like I can go home and have my real, biological family but I can come here and be surrounded by so many people who just feel like family and are always there to support me and show me that they love me. It’s really great and I can’t imagine not doing show choir in my high school career,” Stevenson said.