Wasteland, Baby! is soulful

Alyssa Sykes, Staff Writer

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The new Hozier album is more on the powerful side. Hozier’s music always seems to be full of soul, however this album is definitely more in your face then his other music. In a way, the album has more layers. It seems more like a story that he’s trying to help the listeners explore than just simply giving his listeners a taste of what he can offer.
From the sound of his music, it really seems like he owns a style. He knows what that style is and has no problem sticking to it. However maybe having a little something different would’ve been refreshing. So in other words, even if it is a good album, it comes out as a little boring due to the fact that he doesn’t stray from his style. The consistency seems to be taking the magic out of his work which could be one hundred times better if he added something fresh into the mix. That said, his album, while on the safe side, is still a very good album. Like said previously, it shows as extremely powerful and a great addition to his music collection. I believe it paints his intended picture pretty well which of course, i’m not completely certain of but I’d like to think.
All criticism included, this album ranks alright with me and I would recommend people listen to it. The album is a super emotional piece.
It consists of fourteen songs starting with “Nina Cried Power” and ending with “Wasteland, Baby!” He mostly works alone in this album and in my opinion, that just makes the album more emotional. It’s a perfect album if any listeners need inspiration.