Netflix Original’s The Umbrella Academy is outstanding

Janny Oh, Opinion Editor

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The Netflix original The Umbrella Academy starts with an eccentric billionaire named Reginald Hargreeves, and first takes place at his funeral.
Of all the things he could’ve done with his power and wealth, he chooses to adopt seven of the miraculous 43 babies who were born on the same day, gifted with abnormal powers. The birth of these children comes from completely unconnected women, who were not pregnant. Since these mothers had made no action to bear a child, Hargreeves manages to purchase seven of these super children. His reasons for raising these children is to form a crime-fighting academy called “The Umbrella Academy” are mostly hidden. The public and the audience assumes that the billionaire was bored, and had all the money and time in the world to adopt the kids.
After his death, the audience is exposed to little snippets of the tough, almost loveless father living in the memories of the siblings. The Hargreeveses are now emotionally stunted young adults, constantly showing signs of struggles from their past. Brought up by a robot mother and cold father, they have childhood traumas from their intense training and unfulfilled needs. Mr. Hargreeves calls his children by numbers one through seven. Later, the android Mother figure named Grace lovingly names the children.
Although she was a robot made by Mr. Hargreeves, she took care of the kids like a real mother, and won their affections. Diego, despite seeming mean and hardheaded, is especially sweet to his mother.
I adored the complex plot line with its intertwining flashbacks and time jumps, and the constantly entertaining characters.
The seven adopted siblings form the Umbrella Academy have a weird dynamic that is bound to be enjoyable to many viewers. I personally adore Klaus, Ben and Five.
The first episode reveals that Ben has passed away as a child, possibly from a traumatic training experience. Klaus is the only one who can speak to him, with his ability to speak to the dead. His powers have such a great potential. However, the fear of seeing the dead scares him greatly, and he numbs this ability with drugs and booze. Ben continues to scold him about this.
I can’t speak about Five without revealing too much of the series, but I especially enjoy his bitter humor, and his dynamic with Klaus. His time traveling abilities are also displayed in the first episode, and provide the pathway to the many complex timeline jumps that make the series so interesting!
The siblings haven’t been together under the same roof since childhood, and for good reason. The insane training that took place under that house drove them to stay away, and try to forget. They are only back to see their father’s funeral.There’s a lot more to this series than just time travel and interesting characters. It’s definitely a must- watch!