Should we round grades?

Kyle Brill, Staff Writer

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As a student, I take grades very seriously. Grades to me are some of the most important factors in my life, and I will do almost anything to give myself the best shot at the next grade level.
A rounded grade is one of these important factors that can really make or break an A-, or a B+.
For the argument, I interviewed two teachers who were strong on their side of the debate.
The first teacher I interviewed was Mr. Gravel, who does not believe in rounding grades.
Gravel argues that numbers are exact, meaning they should be exact to represent your grade.
“Numbers are infallible. They cannot be fluctuated or changed subjectively. Therefore they pose your success in the course,” said Gravel.
Gravel believes strongly in this matter, saying he “clearly states” he does not round grades by telling everyone in his syllabus and at the start of the year.
On the other side of the argument, some teachers believe you should round grades.
“Rounding a grade motivates students to push themselves better. When they know they have an opportunity to get to a higher grade, they will strive to accomplish it,” said Mr. Kelly, who supports this side of the argument.
Kelly explains that he will usually round a grade, which he said he has done since he first started teaching.
He generally rounds a “plus” letter grade to the next level.
Overall, in my opinion, a grade should be rounded.
Though there is a good argument for both sides, as a grade is controlled by the teacher, it isn’t standardized.
Therefore, there should be some fluctuation on how your grade should be finalized.
A teacher ultimately should be able to decide, but they should first consider several factors along with their decision.
Like, did the student work hard? Was my course difficult? How close was the student to the next grade?

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Should we round grades?