Parking lot causes distress

Ian Duncan, Staff Writer

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Hart is planning to build multiple two story buildings next to the back parking lot. These buildings will be connected to the rest of the school by walkway. According to Mr. Welch, our Assistant Principal, teachers are planning on moving into these new T-buildings in January of 2020. Also, two additional tennis courts are being constructed to make a total of six. The boys and girls tennis teams have been using four tennis courts since Hart was built but now they will finally have six like all of the other schools in our district. There will also be a new Athletic Training Center.

“[The] Athletic Training Center will be moved from the locker room to a classroom that is located by the corner of the tennis courts. This will create easier access for kids to get treatment at lunch and after school and have a visible location for all athletes to access and meet with Josh [our Athletic Trainer],” said  Mr. Welch.

The construction has made the parking lot smaller because it takes up about three rows of parking spaces. The sides are also more narrow so students have to drive even more cautiously.

“Remember that to park on campus or in the OLPH parking lot, you will need to have a Hart issued parking permit or you will be ticketed. Please be respectful to all parking lots, drive slowly, and be safe,” Mr. Welch said.