Art of Guerilla Marketing

Kathryn Supple, Arts & Reviews Editor

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I first learned of Bird Box through social media, as most people did. I woke up one morning and all of a sudden, my feed was full of memes about the movie, which I knew nothing about.
That was around the last week of December. By that date, I would have thought the movie came out the night before, explaining the sudden hype over what I thought was a brand new movie.
But I thought wrong, along with most people. Bird Box was actually released December 13, meaning that the movie was already at least a week old prior to the hype over the movie. The movie racked over 45 million views within the first week, despite the mediocre reviews written by critics.
Bird Box was advertised to the public through a marketing strategy named guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is a strategy that uses low-cost, unconventional tactics to produce large profits through different methods, such as social media or through street art.
At this point, this marketing strategy is almost natural to us and unrecognizable.
This marketing strategy is widely used, however most people aren’t aware of it.
A couple weeks before Christmas, memes about AirPods seemed to appear out of nowhere, which was strange considering AirPods were released at the same time as the iPhone 7 in 2016.
The sudden increase of publicity about AirPods could mean that Apple was marketing the product at a prime time, seeing as it was right before the December holidays.
Social media proves to be an effective strategy to promote a product. One meme that goes viral creates a snowball effect, creating an overflow of memes on that product and creates a buzz around that item.
Discovering this marketing strategy is slightly concerning, seeing as this strategy is not a new strategy and has been used often by companies as a low cost method to promote their product.
This makes me question what I have seen on social media if they are, too a product of guerilla marketing, as I am sure that numerous companies have used this strategy due to its low cost and produces large profits.

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Art of Guerilla Marketing