Playing sports as a child

Benjamin Haslam, Staff Writer

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Participating in sports has its obvious benefits as a child – it is healthy, it is fun, and beneficial to a kid’s social life. But as people grow up, they tend to lose interest in sports, so is it worth it to participate in sports as a child? Sports will create lifelong benefits. Skills in the areas of teamwork, creative problem solving and even chemistry blossom from participating in a sport.
Sports can also decrease depression, which can possibly even save a life from suicide.
Physical effects such as increased stamina, strength and speed are also created by playing sports. These carry into adulthood and will help people live an easier, healthier life.
Sports is one of the best ways to help a child’s social life. They meet new people, they make friends, and they learn how to talk to new people easier.
Sports will also help some children decide their future career choices and will support these goals.
If a child is debating whether he or she wants to be a professional soccer player or have a desk job, and enjoys playing sports more than sitting at an office on a computer all day, then he or she will decide to be a soccer player. This will motivate him or her to become better and could push him or her to play in college, encouraging him or her to get a better education as they will be encouraged to go to college to be an athlete.

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Playing sports as a child