Feminism is not what you believe it is

Mansi Sharma, Editor in Chief

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Feminism is a controversial movement. People have misconceptions about what it is so it’s time to set the record straight. Feminism is NOT saying women are better than men. Feminism is NOT saying women must be strong and powerful to be a woman.
Feminism is NOT saying women are superior in any way. Feminism demands equality. We hope for women to be treated with the same respect men are treated with.
In order for that to happen, feminists push for equal pay between men and women. They simply want the playing field to be leveled.
According to payscale.com, women are paid 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. These inequities come from a foundation of sexism and discrimination in the workplace. Some of this data could come from the fact that men pursue higher education more often because women were seen as housewives for the longest time.
But, in the 21st century women do not have to conform to these standards society set when they barely had rights and they aren’t.
The Association of American Medical Colleges informs readers that in 2017, there were more women than men enrolling in medical schools than ever before.
It’s apparent that women are pushing for society to make a change and accept women who want to be independent, intelligent leaders whether it’s in the medical field or in our government.
Those who refuse to see the blatant sexism embedded in our society may use excuses like “women are too emotional” to be leaders.
However, our current male president shut down the entire government because he didn’t achieve his goal like he hoped to–that sounds like a temper tantrum on a much larger scale.
I encourage everyone to be a feminist. Men may feel as if they can’t be feminists, but feminism isn’t only for women. Instead, they would be joining a group of people who simply want what is right.
In fact, if men were to be a part of the movement, it would make a much bigger impact since clearly their opinions and actions are valued more to some.
To all the ladies reading this, you may think we have more rights than we have ever had in the past, so we should be grateful.
But, there is always room for improvement and change, so why should we allow ourselves to plateau?
You may feel content with the things you are able to accomplish right now, but there are women who live in countries where they just got the right to drive.
If we do not unite to embolden other feminists who crave the basic freedom they still don’t have, then we won’t grow as a human race. We have reached the highest record of women in congress in U.S. history this year, so it seems like feminism is working. Join the revolution today.

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Feminism is not what you believe it is