ATL TSA misses firearm

Grace Dormans, Staff Writer

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In early January a man got through the Transport Security Administration (TSA) at  the Atlanta airport. The man was flying Delta Airlines from Atlanta, Georgia to an un-named destination in Japan. He claimed to have forgotten the firearm in his carry on luggage.

According to TSA the security breach was at fault of the government shutdown, which had been causing staffing issues at various airports across the United States. TSA also shared with the public that two of their on duty officers that had been responsible finding weapons at the airport were fired.

Website World Atlas, claims Atlanta’s airport is one of the busiest it the country. The airport reportedly see 103.9 million passengers per year. Being this busy, the airport has also confiscated a staggering amount of firearms. 78 guns, 63 of which were loaded were found by airport security according to TSA’s most recent support.

The unnamed man was actually able to carry the gun with him onto his flight. He claimed that it wasn’t until after the flight had ended that he still realized the firearm was still in his luggage. It was reported that as soon as the flight landed, the man alerted security of his mishap and mailed the weapon back to Atlanta.

Some speculate that this was a stunt a certain political party pulled in hopes of exposing the effects of the government shutdown.