Winter formal takes students far away

Maddie Westbrook, Staff Writer

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The 2019 Winter Formal was held at Hart High on February 2, 2019. The theme this year was “around the world”.  There were many different countries and cultures from all over the world that inspired the dance.The candidates for  prince and princess were Matt Quintanar and Carli Patton (freshman),Ryan Benz and Cassidy Fullerton (sophomore), and Judah Silverman and Sonali Jacinto (junior) The top five senior  boy candidates were Anthony Kirchmann, Rook Calderon, Aaron Rodriguez, Matt Villar, and Joe Brennan. The top five senior girl candidates were Kayla Keys, Kayla Graham, Gracie McKeon, Sydnie Silas, and Abbie DeMuth. In the end, Abbie DeMuth and Joe Brennan were both crowned formal queen and king. “Being on formal court, let alone being crowned formal Queen, was something I would’ve never imagined as a freshman transferring to a new school. And knowing that I am able to carry on the band legacy of crowning Hart High School Royalty is something I will never forget,” said Abbie DeMuth, Hart’s 2019 Formal Queen.