You turns a rom-com into a modern day horror story

Alyssa Sykes and Mansi Sharma

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The new Lifetime show, You, on Netflix, is blowing everyone away. The show portrays what it’s like to be inside the deranged mind of Joe Goldberg, an ordinary-looking guy who turns out to be a serial killer. The show highlights Joe who works in a normal looking book shop.
However, just like the cozy bookshop holds secrets beyond belief, Joe holds dark secrets that aren’t as secretive to the audience as they are to Guinevere Beck, an aspiring poet and Joe’s love. As Joe falls deeper in love with Beck, he goes to extremes to ensure he will never lose her. For instance, when he stalks Beck at the beginning of the show, he finds out she is dating a disrespectful, wealthy man names Benji. Benji becomes his first victim and he ends up murdering him.
Throughout the episodes, Joe feels some regret but eventually reverts back to committing murder. Of course, he only murders people that love Beck and are a large part of her life because he can make sure he is the only person she can give attention too. It becomes clear that he’s a psychotic serial killer.
Even Penn Badgley, the man who plays Joe Goldberg, tweeted about how his character is a murderer. However, somehow, the audience feels a small amount of sympathy for him. The show uses different methods of capturing the audience’s attention and adds twists and turns you would never expected to come along.
For example, Joe narrates throughout the show. He explains every thought he has when he’s about to murder someone or is debating it. This unique way of creating the story gives the viewer insight into the serial killer’s mind. The show keeps people intrigued because most of us rarely sympathize with the “bad guy.” In the last scene of the series, the viewers are left with a cliffhanger. Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Candace, who he thought was dead returns and the audience is left wondering why he thought she had died. Did he attempt to kill her, as most people would assume, or did he just experience a brutal heartbreak? We’ll have to wait and see.

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You turns a rom-com into a modern day horror story