“7 Rings” & her favorite things

Alyssa Sykes, Staff Writer

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The new song “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande is one of the young artist’s more creative pieces due to the inspiration from the Broadway classic, “The Sound of Music.” Incorporating the background of the musical’s iconic song, “Favorite Things,” was a risky choice, but in my opinion, really tied the song together in a pleasant way. Ariana Grande is a bold artist, so it only makes sense that her music is bold as well.
“7 Rings” accomplishes Grande’s goal of getting someone feeling great. Fun twists are incorporated into all her pieces, making them one of a kind.
If I did have any criticism, it would probably be that the song seems to be a bit too repetitive. It isn’t boring, but I wouldn’t say it’s her most exciting song she’s released. I believe that with a little more effort it could have been that much better and would have been a perfect new addition to her list of amazing songs. However, like I said, it isn’t boring. It’s an acquired taste and I do recommend that any Ariana Grande lover take a listen to her new song “7 Rings.”

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“7 Rings” & her favorite things