R. Kelly mistreats and abuses women of all ages

Eileen Chen, Centerspread Editor

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R&B musician R. Kelly has been the focus of public scrutiny since the release of Lifetime’s six part documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. In the documentary, many people who were close to Kelly came out with statements against him. Among those people were Bruce and Carey Kelly, Kelly’s brothers. Since the release of the documentary, several celebrities have been asked for their opinions. While some declined to respond, celebrities such as Ne-Yo, Tank, and Meek Mill have shared their thoughts. R. Kelly’s controversies date back to 1994, when he married fifteen year old singer Aaliyah, who had falsified the age on her birth certificate. Aaliyah later died in a plane crash at the age of twenty two. Kelly’s controversies continued in 2002, when Kelly was indicated on twenty one counts of child pornography. Kelly was indicated after the Chicago Sun times received a video that showed Kelly having indecent relations with an underage girl. Kelly was acquitted of all charges in the case, but he was once again roped into legal troubles in 2017. Buzzfeed News released a report claiming that Kelly was keeping a “sex cult” where he kept people against their will. A BBC documentary featuring Kelly’s ex girlfriend Kitty Jones recounted the “sex cult” in which Kelly abused his victims, stating that he “trained” women to be his “pets”.

With the release of the documentary, prosecutors have been looking to indict R. Kelly.

“Since April, I have been working on the R. Kelly matter. The results of that work will soon be known. We are going to blow this wide open for the sake of each of his victims and one less pedophile will be free. Count on it,” tweeted prosecutor Michael Avenatti. Another law enforcement official stated that an indictment is pending and R. Kelly could possibly be arrested.