This Day in History: February 22

Compiled by Claire Moylan, Features Editor

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1512 – Amerigo Vespucci dies in Seville, Spain.
1630 – American Indians introduce popcorn to the Pilgrims.
1732 – George Washington is born.
1784 – The U.S. merchant ship, Empress of China, left New York City on the first American trade mission to China.
1810 – Frédéric François Chopin is born.
1819 – Spain cedes Florida to the United States by signing the Adams-Onis Treaty.
1825 – Russia and Britain establish the Alaska-Canada boundary.
1861 – Jefferson Davis was sworn in as President of the Confederate States of America.
1865 – Tennessee adopts a new constitution that abolishes slavery.
1900 – Hawaii becomes a U.S. territory.
1924 – U.S. President Calvin Coolidge delivers the first presidential radio broadcast from the White House.
1932 – The first modern U.S. Purple Heart was awarded to General Douglas MacArthur.
1986 – The People Power Revolution begins in the Philippines.
1948 – Czechoslovakia becomes a communist state following a coup d’etat.
1987 – Andy Warhol dies.
1997 – Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut and colleagues announced that an adult sheep, named Dolly, was successfully cloned.

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This Day in History: February 22