Artist of the Issue: Jharred Olller

Helen Ku, Head Copy Editor

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Jharred Oller is a junior at Hart High School who dances outside of school. Oller started his journey in dancing at age four, first motivated by his artistic background consisting of both his uncles and dad who dances. Oller is mostly known for his dancing in the hip hop genre. Inspired for both his dancing and stylistic qualities, Michael Jackson was his first inspiration ever since he started.
“Of course, his dancing is phenomenal, but also Jackson’s charity work and the fact that he was able to directly impact the dancing world and the real world makes him really inspirational,” said Oller.
While he doesn’t take Hart dance, Oller rehearses and practices at New World Dance and first started dancing with the crew at Chatsworth Dance.
“One hardship I faced in my dancing career is probably when I just started taking classes and being on the team. Picking up choreography as a beginner was really tough. Also, although free styling looks easy, it is also really hard to dance without thinking what your next move will be,” Oller said.
During off season for dance, Oller will practice at home, listen to music and take classes.
“Taking classes is the main theme to growing as a dancer. Dance classes will help you pick up choreo better and make yourself and your moves cleaner before competitions,” Oller said.
Oller’s main accomplishments as a dancer is competing at World of Dance and placing third with his hip hop team and placing first at a talent show for a solo.
“I feel like the main factors that are most important when dancing is self-discipline. Also, even though it’s important to have idols to look up to, the key to dancing is to just be yourself,” Oller said.
Setting up main goals for him in both dancing and school work helped him juggle both his academic and dance career. Oller is hoping to pursue a future career in dance but is aware that his genre is harder of a career choice than contemporary dancing like jazz, lyrical or ballet.
“Something I like about dancing that I can’t do in a sport is to actually be happy while I’m doing it. For example, I did track, but I wasn’t happy when it came to the training. However, I will always be happy doing anything that is related to dance if it were to be training or performing,” Oller said.