Phone radiation causes cancerous tumors in rats

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Backpage Editor

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Research has proven that continuous doses of cell phone radiation may cause tumors in rats, but not humans. Male rats that are exposed to high radiation from 2G or 3G cell phones are especially prone to cancerous tumors (schwannoma). Discoveries show that male rats have an increase in Malignant Glioma in their brains after radiation. However, only two to three percent of male rats develop this cancerous tumor. Female rats however, have lower chances of developing cancerous tumors from cell phone radiation.

Scientists have also discovered that bathing rats in certain types of cell phone radiation may also increase the chances of developing cancerous tumors as they age (this discovery does not apply to humans). Cell phone radiations, however, are different than radiations produced by gamma rays, nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. Ionizing radiations(X-Rays, CT scans, nuclear power plants) are also said to cause cancerous tumors at a high dosage. On the other hand, scientist believe that non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to break chemical bonds. As a result, this type of radiation could not break DNA and cause mutations that also cause a variety of cancers.

John Bucher, a scientist from NTP, conducted an experiment to find out prove his claim on cell phone radiation. The results were clear, male rats were more prone to cancerous tumors than humans. Although the results were clear, many scientists are still eager to research more into how cellphones can or cannot cause cancerous tumors in humans. But for now rest assured, cell phone radiation does not cause tumors in humans.