Is note taking necessary

Chris Keuchguerian, Staff Writer

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A good chunk of high school teachers make their students take notes, but how beneficial are they? It is not because they’re lazy, it is not because they don’t feel like it– it is because the student already knows the material and there’s no point in writing down what they  already know. Even if students do not fully understand what the teacher is explaining, they get more engaged in class by focusing on what the teacher is explaining and not just concentrating on getting everything written down. Yes, a student may forget what the instructor taught that day, but nowadays (especially with AP and honors classes), teachers tend to post pictures and videos of the notes and lectures online. I usually don’t take notes in certain classes and I often forget what was taught. What I do in these cases is simply check the posted notes or videos provided by my teacher. Some schools have double period class (better known as a “block schedule”) and all the teacher would do in that class is have their students take notes for two hours.

On the other hand, note taking is found beneficial because it is shown in a study by Faculty Focus that students tend to forget most of the details they learned during class.

They also found that 65% of students who earned A’s on the test were the ones who took notes. Though, the fact that some students still perform better than students who do take notes is not negligible. When countless pages of notes are thrown at a student at the once,  anxiety and stress levels only go up. Why should a student take notes on something they already understand coming into a lecture? The student could instead be working on homework from that class.

People who take “proper” notes don’t necessarily have better grades than those who don’t. I’ve encountered many people from all levels of classes that prove the people who pay attention in class and look at the online notes later do much better than the people who just focus on cramming in all the notes because their teacher told them to.