Disney Princess are Great Role Models

Leah Badie, Staff Writer

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Disney princesses are great role models. Every single disney princess has such a powerful role and story. Rapunzel, she didn’t give up on anything when facing her struggles, she worked to achieve what she wanted, even when others told her she wouldn’t be able to. Her mother didn’t believe that he could do her own thing, but that never stopped Rapunzel. Cinderella was forced to do chores and was never allowed to go out.

She lived as a peasant and never got viewed as a person in her own family. She lived an extremely hard childhood, but all of her hard worked had payed off and she “lived happily ever after” with her prince, and proved her godmother and stepsisters wrong.

Ariel has taught that we have to do a lot of things, even left a whole world behind, for our dreams, to follow them and no one can’t stop us, to learn from our mistakes and to not do them again. We’ve learned that in one age we all leave home to follow our dreams.

We ‘ve learned that true love, might be difficult, but we’ve to fight until the end, only then we will have a life us we dreamed it. I love to read and so does Belle; it’s pretty simple. Belle was always working hard and elevating her mind with literature.

Belle sacrificed her comfortable village life to take her dad’s place in the dungeon. She really has her priorities straight. Underneath that sweet, doe-eyed complexion is a strong woman who won’t be taken advantage of and when the beast reprimanded her, she frequently threw it right back at him.

With chipped cups and bumbling clocks, Belle also extended her kindness to any all who were willing to receive. Finally, Princess Aurora is a great role model. One of the things

I remember most about her is that she was kind to her adopted fairy mothers and forest animals. It’s a standard thing to be a kind person, but still, not a lesson to sneeze at. Personally, I think all disney princesses are great role models.