Do people have their opinions?

Anonymous Writer

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Human society in the last decade is more connected than ever before. Cell phones, computers, and social media allows communication with the other side of the globe in one click, and digital news has allowed for fast and widespread delivery of information. But as we connect more with everyone else, it seems as if we are losing a bit of ourselves. Do we think for ourselves anymore? With an infinitesimal amount of information right at our fingertips, there is no need for us to figure things out ourselves. Opinions nowadays seem like a Frankenstein of internet posts and blogs, a mix-and-match of haphazardly thrown claims. People retaliate in arguments; “Don’t you have your own opinion?” or “No one thinks for themselves anymore.” People with radical thoughts call others “sheep”, not for their views, but the fact that they do not have a “unique” opinion. Where is this basis founded? What logic tells us that a widespread opinion is less valid? None. Most people believe the things their parents and society tell them to believe. Its human nature, and how we’ve evolved as a species. Lessons, religions, skills, stories are all passed from one parent generation to the next. It’s only now that we have the internet available to communicate, and expand our knowledge base and diversify our points of view in life. By hearing about other’s plight and diversity in life we can apply abstract critical thinking and increase our ability to empathize with other human beings, and thus make better choices for everyone not just our immediate social class – which historically is all our parents or grandparents generations ever knew, and the current world reflects that.

There is nothing wrong with having a “basic” opinion; all human development in one way or another is based upon the discoveries of others. Great thinkers such as Descartes and Voltaire all based their philosophies on the ideas around them, so why would it be shameful for us?