Missing the seniors again

Janny Oh, Opinion Editor

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Befriending people who are a year older than you is a horrible mistake.
There’s always that thought at the back of your mind. You know that they’ll be gone a whole year before you. Even if they’ll stay in the area, Hart High School won’t be the same without them.
To the class of 2018,
I was so busy watching you approach the first day of your senior year that I didn’t realize how close I was to mine.
My junior year consisted of comforting and laughing at those enduring college application season. Celebrating those who opened their acceptance letters and emails, joking about framing that rejection letter from Harvard.
My junior year consisted of watching my closest friends during the early morning marching band rehearsals, and knowing how their last time on the field would definitely sting.
The light at the end of the tunnel was always in view but I tried not to look at it. What good would it do? Whether it was across the country or right next door, you wouldn’t belong at Hart anymore. I always knew.
And then graduation was here. The feeling of nostalgia had already hit me even when senior photos had been taken the summer before. My feelings felt delayed by several months of pondering this moment.Was it really over?
This summer would be the last time for a while until I could see everyone together again. There are so many colleges out there. It was foolish of me to hope that the majority of my friends would stay in California.
Throughout the warm, humid days of summer, the class of 2018 started to meet their future classmates.
Final boxes were packed, last minute Target runs were made and they were gone.
Meanwhile, I finished my last test for my summer class, started googling colleges slightly obsessively, and went to take my senior photos. To the class of 2018, thank you for the memories. Now, it’s time to begin my own senior year.