Mrs. Bae’s students’ cancer projects

Janny Oh, Opinion Editor

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The Honors Anatomy and Physiology class organizes cancer fundraisers annually.

Mrs. Bae, the teacher for the class, encourages her students to raise money for various causes to help cancer patients or researchers.

Along with the collecting donation glasses and creating posters, her students also create projects to fund cancer research and help cancer patients.

These projects range from simple donations to hospitals, to hand crafting wigs and dolls for children.

A few of her favorite projects include the handmade caps and tutus that were distributed to cancer patients. These projects range greatly in creativity and uniqueness, but they all have the same goal: to help and support those in need.

“I started this project about ten or twelve years ago when I had a students in my class who was receiving treatment for cancer.After the class learned about cancer, they wanted to do something practical. So i created this opportunity for students to give back. I love that the projects can be as broad as supporting cancer research or they can be small and personal,” Bae said.

Many students create these projects again, even after graduation.

Cancer projects inspire future generations to continue the tradition of fundraising for the cause.