We’re killing our planet

Kathryn Supple, Arts & Reviews Editor

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We’re killing our planet. There’s twelve years left before climate change is irreversible. There’s not much time left before the unthinkable becomes a reality. Although climate change can be reversed, most people haven’t changed their ways– leading to an almost certain chance that climate change will be irreversible.

Making a couple small changes in your lifestyle can help slow down climate change. Even if you think that your actions have no impact, the truth is that your actions DO have an impact. If everyone has the same mindset and believes that their actions have no impact, no changes will be made in people’s lifestyles and climate change will become inevitable. However, if enough people make a conscious effort to change their lifestyles to prevent climate change, the effects of climate change will be slowed down.

Climate change is fueled by the greenhouse effect, which traps the heat radiating from Earth in the atmosphere. Gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide all contribute to the greenhouse effect, which causes the Earth to heat up. Burning fossil fuels like oil, used in cars also increases the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Clearing land for agriculture, human activities and industries can also increase concentrations of greenhouse gases because trees absorb carbon dioxide.

By making small changes in your lifestyle, you can help fight climate change. For example, something as small as turning off lights when you leave a room can make a big impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions because most energy usage comes from fossil fuels. Buying local produce can also reduce greenhouse gases, as since the produce is local, it didn’t have to travel as far, thus reducing emissions. Reducing waste and recycling more can decrease emissions and make your carbon footprint smaller. It doesn’t take much to help save our planet.

If we keep on living the lifestyle we live right now, our planet will continue to spiral out of control as the climate continues to change. Global temperatures will continue to rise, resulting in the melting of ice caps and the rising of sea levels. There will be an increase of droughts and hurricanes will be stronger. If people don’t start promoting greener living and change their lifestyles, there will be some drastic consequences to their (lack of) actions.