Issue of the Issue: Katie Hill vs. Steve Knight

Benjamin Haslam, Staff Writer

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With the upcoming election, it’s important to become acquainted with the candidates in our district. Incumbent Republican Steve Knight faces challenger Katie Hill.
Hill attended the College of the Canyons and graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Hill pushes for the community voice in Washington. She advocates for the common people, especially the middle and lower class.

Hill does not accept any money from corporate political action committees also known as PACs. She puts families and their needs before the government’s. Hill believes that people have become distracted by the difference between political parties instead of focusing on what is best for Americans. She prioritizes the support of peace officers to protect our communities and address the causes of crime. Hill began to work for People Assisting the Homeless, where she worked with health care, providers, law enforcement and employers.

She oversaw hundreds of government contracts, and therefore understands how to create change in our communities. Like Knight, she pushes to secure the American borders, but does not want to waste money and effort on strategies that will not work. Hill also agrees with Knight in equalizing lower-class citizens with wealthier people in terms of taxes paid and money made and also believes in increasing the power of small businesses. Hill attempts to avoid impractical solutions to problems that will have little or no effect on the problems Americans face.

She wants to prevent the privatization of public schools and wishes to increase public school funds to make the education of public schools equal to those of private schools. Hill also believes in making housing more affordable for the common people. With the growing population, she believes that Californians can utilize the extra houses across the state. Hill wants to create incentives for local governments to attract and retain industries, and wants to do the same for the employers of these communities, assigning who will suit the needs of their individual community.

Steve Knight represents the 25th Congressional District in the state of California. This includes the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Simi Valley. He is vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Energy, a member of the House Armed Services, a member of the Small Business committee and a member of the Science, Space and Technology committee. His main focus is making life safer and easier for everyone.

A goal of his is to increase job opportunities for all classes, no matter if they are needy or wealthy. He is also striving to help families and neighborhoods become more safe. This belief was influenced by his time in the military and his 20 year long career as a police officer with the LAPD. As a member of Congress, he focuses his efforts on lowering taxes and also wrote the Small Business Joint Venturing Act, which was signed into law by President Obama in 2015. This gave small businesses, which employ about half of this nation’s workers, a better chance to compete for federal contracts.

Knight believes decisions regarding education of students should be handled locally, not at the state level. He wants to increase funding to local schools as well, holding them accountable for the results of the students’ education. He also wants higher levels of education, such as college, more accessible to middle and working class citizens because college tuition has risen dramatically in recent years. He is also a strong supporter of federal drought relief in California and leads the push to increase the number and presence of aerospace companies within the Antelope Valley.
Additionally, Knight believes that American borders should be secure before the government makes decisions regarding immigration laws. He pushes to create a long-term plan to reduce the national debt of $21 trillion. He wants to prioritize how the government should be spending money, so the United States does not sink any further into debt.