Once Upon a Time Ends

Nicole Felici, Copy Editor

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Once Upon a Time is a television show that takes fairytale characters, places and events and merges them with this world in a series of otherworldly adventures. It was first created by Edward Kistis and Adam Horowitz in 2011 and it continued airing until 2018. After seven seasons of magic and adventure, the show has come to an end.

The first episode introduces the main plotline of the show. It all begins with the fierce and independent Emma Swan. One day, she is paid a visit by a boy named Henry Mills, who claims he is her son. He also tells her that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who have been placed under a terrible curse by the Evil Queen, his adoptive mother.

The show then spirals into an elaborately planned out series of events that all interlock in some way or another; with setting ranging from the Arendelle to Neverland. All kinds of fairytale characters are introduced and elaborated upon, bringing fond childhood stories into a new perspective.

From seasons one through seven, Once Upon a Time has had viewers engrossed in its well-developed characters. Each season has two main villains, one for each half of a season. This routine structure gets a bit tedious, but it allows viewers to easily follow the main storyline (with some side quests along the way).

The main problem many viewers have had with the show was, ironically, a lack of creativity. Some points in certain seasons seemed to drag on and on with no new adventure or mystery. Other complaints have been plot holes that directors seemed to kick under the rug: certain characters coming back to life while others do not and the plot becoming extremely confusing if the viewer was not paying extremely close attention.

A largely controversial issue in the show is the overly complicated family tree. Emma Swan is the mother of Henry Mills, who is the adopted son of the Evil Queen, Regina. Regina is also the stepmother to Snow White, Emma’s mother. Not only this, but Regina’s mother is the Queen of Hearts, who has “history” with Rumpelstiltskin, Henry’s grandfather. Complicated does not even begin to explain the relations between a fraction of the show’s characters.

On a more positive note, the show displays an encouraging common theme that is prevalent in nearly every season: the villain’s second chance. The two main examples of this are the Evil Queen and Captain Hook. Both of these characters have a tragic past that consumed them with hunger for revenge. In later seasons, these characters are able to have a second chance and give life another try.

With classic characters, talented actors and a little bit of pixie dust, Once Upon a Time has stolen the hearts of most of its viewers, without true love’s kiss. Even though it has ended, all seven seasons are available on Netflix and other platforms, so the magic can still be relived for years to come.