The simple joys of Fall and Halloween

Janny Oh, Opinion Editor

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Without it, the actual occasion wouldn’t be as exciting! Spooky decorations start going up as early as September, the California heat starts to die down during early October, sweaters are dug out from the last winter, last minute brain storms for last minute costumes happen are made.
I love all of the little details. The sun sets a bit faster and the weather is colder, pumpkins are baked into everything.
However, I haven’t paid attention to the details of fall this year. Mostly because college deadlines are looming a little too close for comfort.
As Baljeet said on one of my favorite cartoons, Phineas and Ferb, “I am the scariest thing known to man, a failed math test. You can run, but it won’t be to the college of your choice.”
Hilarious back then, not so funny now. Sadly, Halloween just doesn’t seem so scary with college applications just around the corner.
The bloody/haunted decorations at Party City and the horrors at six flags seem so much smaller than they used to be. When I was younger, I refused to go anywhere near the scare zones (despite making my parents stay until fright fest started).
Putting myself down on paper for an admission staff sounds easy. How hard could it be? I love to ramble. I quickly learned that it would take more time than I wanted to. It even distracted me from Halloween and all they little things that lead up to fall.
But it’s okay. I’ve done my fair share of trick or treating anyway. There are more aspects to autumn than just Halloween.
Think of the apple desserts, hot chocolate, huge piles of leaves, big sweaters, and pumpkin carving. And now, I can look forward to the sanctuary of second semester, away from hectic college season.
I definitely miss the days when my biggest concern was getting a coconut flavored candy bar.