The best candy

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Backpage Editor

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Loser candy. No one in the right mind wants to walk five miles around the neighborhood and crawl through a frightening haunted mansion filled with envious ghost and blood red roses just to arrive at an almost empty bowl of loser candy. You know, that mound of candy you find at the very very bottom of your sacred treasure chest. The ones with terrible packaging and atrocious odors that make them taste absolutely awful (similar to licking sandpaper).

Why snack on sandpaper when you could devour a whole bowl of finely wrapped crispy and scrumptious chocolate bars that resemble a precious bar of gold. Beneath the fine and smooth layer of sweet creamy chocolate lies the delicious golden layer of chewy caramel that sticks to ends and corners of your teeth throughout the whole Halloween night. This luscious bar of gold is completed with a thick layer of cinnamon brown cookie that tastes like heaven. The candy bar can be eaten alone or with a glass of cold or warm milk. It can also be adapted into many baked goods like ice cream or baked cookies. This candy is so precious that kids like me eat them before you return home to dump all your bags of candies into one humongous pile. If there is some loser candy left, it is basically guaranteed that no kid in their right mind would trade it over for pretzels (no offense to pretzel lovers <3).

So yes, this scrumptious candy I have previously described, is the treasure everyone seeks at the end of a long and scary trek to an eerie and terrifying haunted house (not loser candy!). By now, you could probably guess what this candy is and why it is the BEST candy ever. Isn’t is perfect to have an all in one candy bar? It contains a layer of creamy chocolate followed by a drizzle of golden caramel and a layer cookie.  Is it Snickers, Almond Joys, Kit Kats, Reese’s, Butterfingers, or Hershey kisses? Nope. Duh it’s Twix!

I nearly twixxed you!