From the Desk of the President: Aaron Rodriguez

Nicole Felici, Copy Editor

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Dear Hart Students,

If you are a freshman reading your first Smoke Signal, then welcome to Hart! Hopefully you didn’t get too lost trying to find your classes, and by now you’ve probably got a feel for high school. There’s so much to experience here at Hart, and the Smoke Signal is a great way for you to stay up to date on what’s going on, as well as read some pretty funny and interesting articles.  

So as the school year starts off, I’d like to try and give some advice to everyone out there, no matter what grade you are. Take a moment a put yourself into perspective.  Think about where you are right now, and what’s going on. You are a high school student, who has the entire rest of their life to live. Make whatever you’re doing be enjoyable to you.

A big lesson that I’ve learned throughout High School, is that if it doesn’t make you happy, then why are you doing it?  Everyone talks about the peer pressure of high school, and how people feel the need to fit in. DON’T! Be different. Be weird. Be extraordinary. I had a teacher in middle school who taught me to be extraordinary. I keep that thought in my mind every day. Remember these words… Do what makes you happy! If you want be a part of a brunch activity, do it. If you want to play intramural dodgeball, do it.  If you want to dance at a dance, do it.

Don’t ever let other people’s judgements stop you from being you. There is only one you in this world, so why not be you? Take on high school with these thoughts in your mind. There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone with so much genuine happiness when they do something they love. Once you learn to be yourself, and not let others stop you from being you, high school is easy.

Enjoy your time, because even though we have all heard it a million times, high school is gone in a snap. There’s no worse feeling than regret, because time can never be given back.  Do everything you possibly can enjoy as you continue on your journey, because you can’t get the time back. Cherish every laugh with your friends, every football game, every pop quiz, every friend, EVERY moment. Til we talk again Hart.

Keep It Classy,

                                   -Aaron Rodriguez