Show Choir sets the stage

Grace Dormans, Staff Writer

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Fall concert is just around the corner for Hart Show Choir. Groups are performing songs from musicals such as Hamilton, Waitress, Matilda, Mamma Mia and On Your Feet. The show will be starting off with a joint performance from all four groups. For this opening number the choirs are singing a song from the hit musical Mamma Mia.

Joicelyn Hahm, a freshman, is preparing for her second year of show choir. She is a member of the advanced women’s group, Hartbreakers.

“Since we have a new director this year I think that the fall concert is going to be different. I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Anders planned for the show,” said Hahm.

Mrs. Anders has taken place as Choir Director after Mrs. Hart’s retirement. She studied theatre and music theory. Anders also performed on broadway as a part of her career, including preforming for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

All the groups have been practicing after school, learning choreography and vocals. Hart Show Choir is putting their Hart n’ Soul into this.  

“This show is going to be really fun to perform in and watch,” Hahm said.

Coming to you this fall, Hart Show Choir.