Athlete of the Issue: Michael Colangelo

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Athlete of the Issue: Michael Colangelo

Kayla Badie, Staff Writer

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Senior Michael Colangelo is a Hart Indian athlete who has devoted his time to the school’s football team. Colangelo has been playing for Hart’s team all four years, and prior to high school, he played football for five years. Football season has just started, but the team and coaches have no doubt that Colangelo will help contribute to a great season to end his high school career.

“My athletic experience has been great at Hart. I’ve been able to develop throughout the years and showcase my talent every single year. These past two years have been so exciting and I’m honored to represent Hart athletics,” said Colangelo.

It’s clear that Colangelo is a key part of his team, as his skill, strength, and tactics have proven to contribute to their success.

“I could always tell he was just a natural athlete. Freshman year in football I could just tell he was a beast and our first year on varsity he really portrayed that football was his thing and he knew what he needed to do to be successful,” said Jack McBride, Colangelo’s teammate.

Teammates and coaches agree that Colangelo not only plays a big role on his team as a player, but also as a leader, which is just as important in a team sport such as football.

“He’s always one of the biggest voices on the team and this year, being a senior, he’s definitely taken one of the roles as a leader. He always makes sure to tell the team what they’re doing well or even go as far as helping others out with certain things that some players don’t understand,” McBride said.

Colangelo is hoping to have an exciting last year at Hart for himself, as well as the team, who is going into the season with confidence.

“I think we are going to do very well. We just beat a talented team in Arcadia and things are looking up for the remaining schedule. I could see a strong playoff run down the road,” Colangelo said.

Colangelo’s success comes from not only his own talents, but from all he has learned from the coaches and teammates who have guided him along the way. He has learned two key concepts from his coaches: mental toughness and hard work, two attributes that have proven necessary for all athletes.

“The coaches have a plan every game and I feel that that, paired with our own talents and intuition, sets us up for great success. I have definitely flourished in the system the coaches have put in place and I’m grateful for that,” Colangelo said.

After this season, Colangelo will be heading off to college. He has multiple college offers at the moment. There are also colleges that are waiting on film of Colangelo from the first three games of this year.

“In the end, I will pick a school that I feel can set me up for life, while giving me the opportunity to continue my football career,” Colangelo said.

With football being a key part of his own life, Colangelo hopes future players have as amazing of an experience as he did.

“If football is something you are really passionate about, work hard both at practice and on your own time. Do the extra work. High school football is exciting but the the years go by fast so enjoy it while you can,” Colangelo said.