The loss that comes with summer homework

Leah Badie, Staff Writer

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Summer vacation is a time where students should not have to worry about school. It is a time where they should get a break from doing school work. That can’t happen when kids are forced to spend their summer vacation doing homework.

When we are young, we have little homework, but throughout the years, students continue to get piled with work due the first week of school. Students are excited to sleep in, go to bed late, hang out with friends and just do non-school related activities, but that can’t be the only thing on their minds when they are thrown school work.

Once the new school year starts, students are going to be busy with all of their homework so it’s only fair that schools give their students a few months out of the year where they don’t have to do work. I understand students wanting to get ahead or catching up on work or doing work for extra credit, but having work before the school year actually starts is pointless.

Also, a part of being excited for the new school year includes students being excited to start the year off fresh and ready for new knowledge to learn, but students can’t do that when they spend part of their summer learning things they are expected to already know once the school year finally begins. With summer homework, teachers also expect their students to fully understand a new subject, which puts pressure on a student. Some students take a longer time to understand something new, so with summer homework, some students stress on not understanding, and have no experts to look to if they need help.

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The loss that comes with summer homework