Scorpion’s two sides demonstrate Drake’s versatility

Alyssa Sykes, Staff Writer

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Drake’s new album Scorpion consists of many new hit songs including “God’s plan,” “Nice for What,” “I’m Upset,” “In My Feelings” and more. In total, the album holds 25 songs, including many that feature talented artists such as Jay-Z and Ty Dolla $ign. The mix of everyone’s voices blend pretty well and make the song.  
Scorpion seemed to blow up over night with every song being in the center of attention. Everyone seems to love the new songs that he put out for his audience to enjoy, and every song is something new and fresh that would get anyone on their feet. Drake showed many different emotions and thoughts that some people say seemed controversial at times.
Some sensitive topics seem to be brought up but he seems to really own them and connect to the audience by using these topics.
However, some disagree and say he had the right to say what he said. I personally feel that that truly makes an album, a topic people can talk about. It tends to share mostly conflicting topics such as tangled relationships that really hit home with some Drake fans.
The album shows many different sounds in single songs which give them pleasant but exciting twists hidden everywhere. In other words, Drake’s new songs give off an exciting vibe that keeps listeners guessing.
Drake seems to constantly be inspired by slightly older sounds in most of his songs.
However, this album seems a bit more modern. It features multiple new, more mechanical sounds and remixes. He shows signs of a new and improved thought about his music and an interest in trying new things. Drake leaves us all singing his songs at the end of listening to his album due to how catchy they can be.  
All together, Drake’s new album expresses him and gives us some insight on the topics he’d like to stress to us, the listeners, in a way that’s very interesting and reels us in, making us want to listen to him more and more.
I very much appreciate the way he gives us a window into his life and shows us that everyone feels things; his album is a way to put his thoughts and feelings into a certain art that people have interest in.

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Scorpion’s two sides demonstrate Drake’s versatility