The Great Debate: Uniforms vs. No Uniforms

Mansi Sharma and Stefani Woll, Editors in Chief

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Teenagers in high school would thrive with uniforms. Everyone would have extra time to sleep or do whatever their heart desires in the morning. Tardies would decrease, bullying would decrease and everyone would be stress-free. I have heard numerous girls and boys ridicule other students because of a shirt they’re wearing or a backpack they have on. Gossiping and bullying in general will be prevented. Students and their parents would have a surplus of money because they wouldn’t have to go back-to-school shopping for new, school clothes.

Others argue that clothing and fashion allow teens to express themselves. However, uniforms would NOT take our individuality away. They would simply make our “weekend outfits” more special. Additionally, uniforms would increase safety. In 2018, we aren’t as safe as we once used to be. If everyone is dressed the same, intruders would be easy to spot.

Opposers of uniforms argue that self-expression is a right we should take advantage of and with uniforms we would be stripped of it. Fortunately, there’s a myriad of ways to express ourselves : jewelry, writing, music and art. Also, we do not need to have a strict uniform. For example, students can be allowed to wear the shoes and socks they desire.

In psychology, we learned how if we are in a certain environment where we repeatedly do something, we obviously perform better in that environment. For example, if we take multiple tests in a classroom, we will come into the class and focus, out of habit. Similarly, if students wear uniforms to school and grades increase because of the positive effects, when they wear the uniforms repeatedly, they will be in the same mindset over and over again. For instance, when a students wears their uniform that are immediately put into a “school mindset;” they focus, pay attention and learn better. Science, or psychology, proves uniforms could have this effect.

Overall, it’s apparent that uniforms have more positive outcomes than negative for both individuals and schools.




Everyone is different. People are big, small, shy, outgoing, creative, analytical and everything in between. Every human has the right to express themselves. Freedom of speech allows them to express their ideas. And why shouldn’t kids be able to express their personalities?

Many say that books shouldn’t be judged by their covers, but everyone knows that the books with creative covers are the ones that catch people’s eyes. One can notice differences from the inside and out, but if we are limited to just one, how can we fully express ourselves? The debate comes about in school uniforms.

Many argue that uniforms are great because kids aren’t bullied because of their outfits, but who decides that the outfits were the cause of bullying? If kids want to be mean, they will find ways to insult a child outside of his or her wardrobe.

Uniforms create conformity. There is no originality allowed and students are not able to express themselves. People express their personalities through their outfits. If they are sporty, they may dress in team shirts or jerseys. If they are girly, they make dress in more feminine clothing. Not everyone walks around describing themselves—they let their wardrobes do that for them. School uniforms should not be allowed because they discourage expression of personalities and create conformity throughout schools.

Everyone should have the right to differ themselves from other students. Taking away a student’s style is like taking away their speech. Imagine a world where everything is filtered, censored and suppressed. Thoughts couldn’t be spread and innovations could never occur. Style is the physical form of speech. Houses, walls and hairstyles are never the same. They are each a form of expression.

Just because uniforms aren’t enforced doesn’t mean that there can’t be dress codes. Dress codes are not entirely restricting like uniforms are. Dress codes simply prohibit inappropriate dress attire.

Uniforms prohibit originality and force dress attire that people may not want to conform to. Therefore, uniforms suppress students and should not be used in schools.


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The Great Debate: Uniforms vs. No Uniforms