To become limited or to be limitless: a rant

Hannah Ilagan, Senior Editor

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As clear as the sun in a cloudless sky, as clear as my reflection in the mirror and my fantastic vision—after putting on my glasses, of course— I can remember the first time my mom shattered my dreams.

Ever since I received my first Hello Kitty coloring book, I found my first love in drawing (well… second love if you count Zac Efron).

The idea of being able to communicate emotions that escaped my speech, the very notion of creating anything and everything that came to mind made me feel powerful. I was hovering in the heavens, and all the world was my muse.

I was sitting at my desk, experiencing the pure happiness that only third graders drawing bobble-headed characters with anime eyes could feel.

I was so content with myself that I called out to my mom from across the room, something along the lines of, “Mom, I love drawing so much I think I’ll become an artist when I’m older!”

“Don’t do that, it’s hard to be an artist and you won’t make a lot of money as an adult meaning you won’t have a stable future and life will be rough,” she replied (more or less).

Okay, sure, my skills were no Van Gogh or Claude Monet, but I believed that with practice and hard work, I could accomplish the goals

I set out for myself. So at those words, my heart was crushed and my, mind clouded with confusion. You mean to tell me that just because you love to do something doesn’t mean that it will work out in the end?

Many times in life, the expectations we have for ourselves and the future will not come to fruition.

Even if we work our hardest, we won’t always get “what we deserve.” Even if you study all year to conquer your weakest subject in school, it doesn’t always guarantee that you will get the grade you want. (I’m looking at you, AP Physics.)

But does that mean we should stop trying? Absolutely not. If anything, it should mean we should keep trying because the future is unknown.

Because nothing is guaranteed, and in spite of our personal limits, we must study, work, love, live to the best of our ability.

What defines our lives is not our talents or capabilities, but how we choose to use and improve them. As a wise man once said, “I hope you know your limits well. But don’t stay within those limits. Overcome the limits each day.”

Maybe if I continued to practice drawing, I could’ve had a future with it… and then again, maybe not.

Whether we see the day that we realize our deepest desires or end up having to cut ties with a long-seeded passion, it’s better to look back and be satisfied, knowing that you did your best.