Club Update: Breakfast for the Soul

Helen Ku, Head Copy Editor

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This month, Hart’s Breakfast For The Soul donated packed lunches, Tuesday April 17 for the shelter Bridge To Home. Club members all contributed to preparing and packing ham and cheese sandwiches during lunch Monday April 16. Bridge to Home provides support services including an emergency winter shelter, case management, housing navigation and medical clinics that help individuals and families in the Santa Clarita Valley transition out of homelessness. Breakfast For The Soul meets two Tuesdays each month and is led by Co-Presidents Mansi Sharma and Hannah Ku. The club is centered around giving to the less fortunate in the community.
“The main purpose of our club is all about helping other families and individuals in the community in a school setting. The club is composed of like-minded students who want to give back to our city in a fun way,” said Co-President Hannah Ku.