Choir sings its last note

Lizzy Snow, Copy Editor

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Hart Show Choir’s last competition was April 13th and 14th at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California.
Sound Vibes, the advanced mixed group, took fourth place with their Michael Jackson set. Hartbreakers, the advanced women’s group took third place with their Oriental set. Hart N’ Soul, the intermediate mixed group took sixth place with their Where’s Waldo set. Sweetharts, the novice women’s group took third place on Friday the Thirteenth with their Wizard of Oz set. Unleashed, the advanced men’s group took fourth place with their Old Men Playing Checkers set.
Senior RJ Accad, won best performer for Sound Vibes. Junior Chloe Riddle, won best performer won best performer for Hartbreakers. Sophomore Olivia Lopez, took best performer for Hart n’ Soul. Freshman Bettina de Guzman, won best performer for Sweetharts. Senior Eric Schultz took best soloist and Junior Matt Villar took best performer for Unleashed.
The choirs’ next endeavor was their annual Spring Concert which displayed all the groups competition sets along with solo acts and a Greek Gods and Goddesses based dance ensemble.
The concert also included a Greatest Showman based opener goodbye segment to the choir seniors. The dates were May 17th, a matinee at 2 o’clock on the 19th and a night show also on the 19th.