Letter from the President: Aaron Rodriguez

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Dear Hart Students,
My name is Aaron Rodriguez, and as it turns out, I’m going to be your new ASB President next year. I’m really excited about this opportunity, but I want everyone to know what I’m all about.
You may know me from many different things, or maybe you don’t know me at all, so you won’t bother reading this, but anyways, maybe you’ve seen me around and, just like everyone else, you kept on walking because it was just another day on the amazing Hart campus. But, for me, I put a lot of effort into making sure that I am kind and friendly to any who happens to even make eye contact with me. A lot of my friends, especially my best friend and vice president, think that I’m pretty weird, because I like to talk to random people that I’ve never met before all of the time.
I give everything 100% and that includes trying to make someone else’s day that much better. I find the purest joy in making new friends with anyone I meet, so hopefully if you see me around I’ll say hello, or maybe you will? But enough about me am I right?
My goals for this upcoming school year are simple, and are probably the same as many other presidents before me, but all I wish is for this year the greatest year of high school for not just seniors, but the entire school alike, I want to boost the school spirit and pride to new heights, because we, Hart High School, are one of the greatest, most talented, smart and accomplished schools ever established!
This school year is almost over, and every person at Hart has hit a milestone going into the next year. For all the freshman out there, your first year of highschool is coming to an end, and it’s time to dig in and put your best foot forward going into your second round of finals!
For the sophomores who feel like they’ve been getting the hang of this high school thing, you are just about halfway done with high school! How does that make you feel? I know it made me feel really weird, and kind of old, but hey, what are you gonna do? Buckle down and prepare for the second stretch of high school! Junior year is tough so make sure you’re ready for it.
For all my fellow juniors, we all know it and have been waiting our whole lives for this, we are finally going to be SSSSSSSSENIORS, and I know that I can’t wait any longer for it to come! Class of 2019 COMING AT YOU!!!!!!!!!